Keys to Coaching Course


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The Keys to Coaching Course is an 8 week Course run on a Thursday Evening on Zoom (which will be recorded, so you can replay or catch up at any point), there will be templates (e.g. for lesson plans, risk assessments, etc) to give you the tools to prepare for your assessments, also mentoring to help you put your learnings into practice and advice. 


The reason behind the keys to coaching coach is because when Claire  Nixon-Ord started coaching there was no real guidance but also no one actually told me HOW to coach – you just got thrown into the deepened – which after helping and coaching many young people I still feel this is missing even in the qualification frameworks.
The course is suitable for anyone wanting to take the first steps into coaching but also for those at BHS Stage 2 Level looking to move up a level.
✨Which will cover How to Coach, Blueprint, Process, Qualities, Essentials, Language, Timings, Mindset, Getting your Eye in, Setting your Arena and so much more!

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🎉🥳 As this is the first run of the course, I would love your feedback on the course.
So I am offering the course for a sizzling  🔥 price of £888!