We thought it would be a good idea to have a list of our (FAQ) frequently asked questions.


  • Do you cater for complete beginners? Yes, we do. only restrictions is riders have to be 4 years old and upwards.
  • Do we need equipment? No, We provide fully cleaned riding hats and use toe stoppers on the stirrups for safety. So you just need to wear correctly fitting wellies or trainers whichever fits you best, so you don’t need to rush out and buy new equipment.
  • I’ve never ridden before, what do you recommend? 100% recommend riding lessons or for children there are our pony star sessions, so that you learn how to ride properly.
  • Do you do lessons for people with their own horses? Yes, We do!
FQA Lessons
Lessons FAQ


  • Do we do beach rides? No, because we have miles of off road hacking with spectacular views in the countryside of the cheviots and costal views across to Holy Island and Bamburgh.
  • What are hacks? Our hacks are full escorted rides in the countryside with qualified coaches (no lead reins for safety reasons) for riders who can minimum walk and trot in control. For the cave ride they need to be confident and secure in canter.
  • Why do riders have assessment lessons before going out on your hacks? This is to ensure the rider is at a correct standard for safety and insurance purposes but most importantly makes sure you are on the right horse, so that you both enjoy your ride.
FAQ Hacks Northumberland
Hacks FAQ

Off the saddle

  • What are the non-riding options? You can do challenge awards in horse care or BHS care professional assessments. There is also the options to do off the saddle conversations with Claire Nixon to help you with your riding / taking qualifications performance, so that you can be mentally prepared.

Teenage Riding Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age do teenagers need to be? Normally 12 years old and upwards.
  • Can I bring my own horse? Yes, you can livery will be included.
  • Where do we stay? You stay in Keeper Cottage with Claire Nixon. There is 2 rooms – one with a double bed and the other is bunk beds.
  • Do we need food? No, all meals are included. Although some teenagers bring extra snacks with them.
  • How much riding do we do? You normally ride for a minimum of 4 hours each day, which is a mixture of hacks, riding lessons both Dressage and Jumping lessons.

Equestrian Qualifications

  • Which qualifications would you recommend to take to become an equestrian coach? I would recommend taking your BHS Qualifications. Claire also runs her own Keys to Coaching Course, which is great to get anyone wanting to become a coach prepared for their coaching assessments.