Clinics & Competitions

Monday 31st August

Costs per entry £26.50 – 1 hour session for up to 5 riders

– Warm up – 2 competitions in one class – either same or higher height

e.g. first round 45cm (Jump off if clear), second round 55cm or 45cm (Jump off if clear);

  • This is fun event is a great way to experience show jumping, without having to wait around hours for different classes.
  • It is a cross between a ‘lesson’ and a ‘competition’ as help and guidance is given by BHS Accredited Professional Coach Claire Nixon-Ord. Each Session lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Competitors warm up in groups of 4 riders then jump the first course & jump off if clear, then the course is raised and the same thing happens at the next height.
  • The results are calculated at the end of the day when all groups have finished and rosettes are posted out (cost of posting out rosettes is included in the entry fee, no need to remember an SAE).

Competition Class:

Class 1- Crosspoles – 30cm (On & Off Lead Reins Welcome)
Class 2 – 45/55cm
Class 3- 55/65cm
Class 4 – 65/75cm
Class 5 – 75cm/85cm

  • If you wish to jump the same height twice you can (one as a clear round).
  • Also if you wish to ride with a friend you both need to be jumping the same height (please send me a email to let me know).
  • Times will be posted on Wednesday night.

Entry Form:

Entries close at 4pm on Wednesday 26th August.

Horse Hire: £15 if you wish to hire a horse / pony (they will only be hired out once due to covid19 sharing of equipment cleaning procedures).

Email DM on our facebook page or 07762773559.